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Once upon a time I would sit with a newspaper and read it through from front to back with a steaming mug of coffee and my feet up – mainly to accommodate the newspaper on my lap! These days, the coffee remains, but the reading is on the go and on my phone. The bonus is I can do it anywhere, the downside – I am reminded that I am getting old as I reach for my reading glasses!

So, I was scrolling and swiping through my news app, digesting the days’ events, when I came across a video all around a young man creating a robot that could be his eyes and ears remotely when he was unable to travel. This robot enables experiences that he, and many others, cannot physically travel to, and yet the piece that stuck in my mind was that it enabled continuation of a work life.

I asked myself, why, when you are ill or impaired and unable to experience some of the fun aspects of life would you worry about maintaining work life? I quickly corrected myself. A close family member has an illness which meant their employer exercised their retirement option, and as a result they have lost that feeling of value, usefulness and have lost a whole social interaction on a regular basis. THAT is why people want to carry on work when ill.

But, if we can be lonely when not able to work, what about that isolation of being a remote worker (whether ill or not!)? Read more ›

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Letters from the Home Office Volume 8

It’s easy to think that because we work with multiple, advanced, high-speed devices that we are also an advanced high-speed device. I’m sure as a species we are evolving, but not as fast as our stuff. As a result we find ourselves in a variety of embarrassing or even more serious predicaments.

Currently there are three devices on my desk. In descending order of use they are; a laptop, my mobile phone and an office phone. For some reason I get extremely flustered when I am using one device and another starts to ring, buzz or vibrate…well, the vibrate doesn’t bother me so much, but I’ll save that for Dr. Freud. Anyway, I only occasionally conduct two conversations at once; and that usually just to defer one of the extra calls. This is also known as common courtesy. There is no way you can give two calls sufficient attention. Plus, remembering which call is muted and which isn’t can get dicey. How many times have you been in a situation where you try to stop somebody from saying something they will regret because they think they are on mute? I know it hasn’t happened to you, but surely you’ve had friends in that kind of spot. Read more ›

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For Public Sector agencies looking to jump on the unified communications bandwagon, bringing together voice, video, screen share, messaging and file-sharing into a single platform-agnostic application can deliver a ‘single pane of glass’ collaboration tool that’s designed for the way organizations and people work today.

By overlaying existing productivity tools, agencies can continue to leverage their existing assets while embracing a wealth of additional business capabilities and services.

Freeing employees to work where they want, when they want and how they want requires an open standards approach that delivers seamless call transitions between devices while enabling full screen, file and document sharing – and more.

Quite simply, unified communications provides the real- time insights, communication and collaboration capabilities employees need to get on with the job in hand – without frustrating or unnecessary delays. Read more ›

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Letters from the Home Office Volume 7

While the title of this article is also a great song by Bob Marley and the Wailers, I’d like to make a slightly different point here. When you research healthy lifestyles you rarely see a recommendation to sit at a desk all day. Think about your daily routine, let’s use mine as an example.

Zero hour: Get up, do my thing, make coffee, go out front for the newspaper.

Two minutes later: Take coffee to the desk, deploy the headset, hunch over the keyboard and get to work. Read more ›

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Author: Marlis Topp, Business Development and Strategy at Unify.

On July 18th about 44 members of 35 Technology Partners around the world gathered in Munich for UTPP17 – the get together of the Unify Technology Partner Program members. In a relaxed atmosphere, supported by coffee and pastries the participants met for first talks.

utpp17_badges Read more ›

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Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but around the same time I started working from home, I also found myself doing less business travel. Some of this is due to expense issues, but I think part of it is due to the fact that once you get used to working in yoga pants (not me) or the same old gray sweat shirt and pants every day (me), your motivation to take your show on the road drops like a rock.

This week I had to fly to a day and a half long meeting. As is usually the case, we were encouraged to fly down the morning of the first half-day of meetings and fly home after the end of the next day. For me this was a pretty big deal because it meant I had to first, find a something to put clothes and toiletries in, second, I had to find clothes and toiletries, and third, I had to leave my house on a weekday. Because my frequent flyer status lapsed (Let’s face it, unless you fly 100 times a year, those plans are Ponzi schemes anyway) I had to pack carefully so I could fit the bag in the overhead compartment. Why do I worry about this? I see clowns jamming appliance boxes and steamer trunks into those poor little shelves. These are the same people who go to the Express lane in the supermarket with four hundred cans of cat food and thirty expired coupons, but it’s okay because they pay in exact change, all dimes. Read more ›

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