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If you do it right the first time, you don’t have to do it again, you can just keep making it better

The unbroken line. The strengthening of applications through continuous improvement. The results of this careful planning can be seen in the intuitive and incremental learning required to access new capabilities. Sure, technology seems to be about disruption these days, but is it? Don’t businesses operate best through a continuous thread of improvements versus lurching from one promised brass ring to another?

Within the business communications world, today’s quick technology turns are laying bare deficiencies in vendor planning. Instead of the unbroken line, leading vendors are pulling their customers through a zigzagging maze of forklifts, bolt-ons and acquisitions as they breathlessly try to remain on top. This breakneck pace is exposing the weak underpinnings of their core strategies.

One acquisitive vendor has steadfastly believed in buying their way out of harm’s way when gaps appear. Another collects market share and overlapping portfolios in the hopes something will stick. And a third believes scattering overlapping capabilities throughout their vast portfolio creates adhesion and value between its product suites – instead of the confusion and gaps this strategy actually delivers. Read more ›

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Circuit -Mobile

Hi, I am Subha. I currently work at Unify leading our Voice of the Customer/Partner programs. I am a user of Circuit, every hour of every day.
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Transformers – robots in disguise

I was asked to do a blog for Unify about transforming your infrastructure to modern collaboration, I was thinking how best to do this, when I thought about it I thought use myself as a good example. I think I have always been transforming how I work, where I work and the tools I use. I remember my first job in the 90’s at a now disappeared large UK company – GEC (General Electric Company). GEC was one of those monoliths of UK industry where the job for life was invented.

When I arrived on my first day I was sat down at a green terminal screen and told I would be sharing my analogue telephone with someone else. This was my first introduction to ‘digital workplace’ but it was mainly an analogue workplace – with a text based screen. Having come from University which had pretty decent computing equipment this was a real step backward, maybe this is how new employees coming into businesses now feel, they expect social media type, work anywhere capabilities, but are handed a PC login and told to use email and that something called the intranet has all the information they need. Read more ›

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Unify Your Communications To Keep Up With Your People

“Did you email that information to me or say it in chat?”

“I think I said it on the conference call. Or maybe I texted it to you”.

Cue a never-ending quest to hunt down that vital statistic that everyone remembers learning, but no one knows where.

Sometimes you (or your employees) can be forgiven for wondering if it’s a case of “mo’ tools, mo’ problems”, in your communications strategy. People move from emails to their office phone to their mobiles and video conferencing but the conversation and collaboration don’t move with them.

As well as the great “where was that information, again?” hunt created when the various communication tools don’t work together, there’s other frustrations. Nobody likes an endless cycle of downloading this or that plug-in to get on a conference call. Equally loathed is remembering a different password for each communication app. Not only does it create extra workloads, but it can be daunting for older or less tech savvy employees. Read more ›

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Bernd Wagner, CEO Unify Germany, takes the trophy for OpenScape Enterprise (1st place Voice platforms for large enterprises).

We are excited to share that Unify has been recognized by Funkschau, Germany’s premier specialist telecoms publication, in its 2017 Product of the Year Awards. Unify products took home prizes in five categories. Read more ›

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Circuit Review 2017

If you are familiar with my blogs, then this Paula’esque style review will not be a shock. To anyone unfamiliar – welcome to the world according to Paula.

So what exactly is Circuit?

So, imagine all your social media chat, and your facetime, and your calendar requests, and your file sharing, storage, history… oh! And your recording… and tagging… and unified communications… and teamwork… and carrier grade voice all in one! That’s it in a nutshell. An app for smartphone or desktop that brings everything together. It even has emojis.

Apart from being the first business collaboration tool of its type (yes… first… I was there!), it is also incredibly secure, and constantly evolving.

But what else can it do? Over the last few years I have really tested this out. New work project? How can circuit work for ME? Read more ›

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