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We are thrilled that we are joined onsite in Monte Carlo by three of our preferred partners. Each will be around to share information on opportunities to deliver even more value to your customers – with those extra solutions that can make all the difference.

Take a moment to check out who is coming, and what you can expect from them at Unify Partner Conference 2017, here.


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Reboot? I’ll Reboot ya, pal!

Most people are smarter than me, so maybe this isn’t a big deal, but I’ve had it with technology that decides to stop working without provocation. I can understand if I drop my laptop, or my printer gets hit by lightning, or my phone takes a dip in a bowl of soup (two of those three things have happened more than once), but why can I suddenly not get onto the VPN? Why did an app on my mobile device shut down at random? Who built these things? What were they thinking? A washing machine doesn’t stop washing unless something physically breaks or malfunctions. My car only stops running if I hit something, or something wears out, or if there was a malfunction in the computer….ah, the computer, there’s the rub.

Yes, I get it, we’re all better off because of computers. But what did the type of people who develop information technology do for a living sixty or seventy years ago? I think they wrote procedures for the Department of Motor Vehicles and built those toys where you had to move the disk around to get the little metal balls into the mouth and eyes of the clown, in other words, sadists. How else can you explain the conversations you have with the help desk?

Peter – For some reason I suddenly can’t hear anything on my laptop.
Help Desk Satan – Yeah, that happens sometimes
Peter – Why’s that?
Help Desk Satan – Hard to say, could be lots of things.
Peter – Like what?
Help Desk Satan – Did you try rebooting it?
Peter – Why? What does that fix? Read more ›

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Hey technology experts, integration partners and developers – we have a special event just for you!

Just one week after our Unify Partner Conference (UPC) we will continue the momentum and demonstrate our dedication to our partner community, with a specific conference for our invaluable Technology Partners. The Unify Technology Partner Get Together 2017, will be held at the Highlight Towers in Munich on 18th and 19th of July.

We believe that differentiated solutions and offerings are critical to success for both our Sales and Technology Partners as well as for Atos and Unify, and there is nothing better than differentiation through joint innovations, integrations, complementary solutions and accessories with our technology collaborators.

To explore innovation and the opportunity it presents, we’ve created an exciting and packed agenda for the event.

Here are 5 reasons to join us on-site July 18th/19th in Munich!

1. It’s time to get together!
The market shift towards cloud and cloud integrations deserves informative presentations, a showcase of innovative use cases and detailed expert discussion. Even more exciting – we are just about to launch a brand-new cloud offering – and you will get an exclusive insider preview of it. Plus, now that we are a member of the Atos family, there are many more valuable integration and business opportunities waiting for you to discover.

2. Innovation matters!
In 2016, Unify released new major versions of all primary portfolio elements, plus every second week we delivered new capabilities, integrations and functions for Circuit – that’s 26 sprints in 2016! During the event we will bring you up to speed on all our portfolio news and future development plans.

3. Be inspired and inspire others!
Unify’s Technology Partner Get Together is a great way to meet people that share the same vision and goals around technology and integration. Network with other technology partners and our Unify experts and discuss use cases, integrations and opportunities. It’s your chance to influence how we move forward with our portfolio and our Technology Partner Program. Share your ideas and feedback with us!

4. Listen and Learn!
Our content slam and panel discussion about “People, things, data” provides insights from three different angles where great collaboration meets the Internet of Things. Play an active part and engage with our presenters and experts in our panel discussion. Take away new ideas, build integrations based on our cPaaS platform for our new cloud solution, Circuit and more.

5. Let’s make our customers successful and we’ll be successful too!
Are you an established Technology Partner, a technology start-up or a single developer?
Integrations of any shape and size can change the world and make a big difference for our customers. Let’s jointly build solutions to support them on their digital transformation journey.

Let’s meet in Munich at the Unify Technology Partner Get Together 2017!

It’s not too late to register for this exclusive “by invitation” event – spaces are limited so will be allocated on a first come first served basis – contact us now via @UnifyTecPartner on Twitter or via technology.partners@unify.com

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Despite the heat wave and the summer holidays approaching – there is a heavy sigh hanging in the air. Various public tragedies seem far too frequent in the news right now.

Whenever there is an event, anywhere in the world, our colleagues message each other to ensure our safety locally. This got me thinking. The people that we all work with – we spend (even when remote working!) at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, interacting with them. We congratulate them on job changes, on personal situations such as new additions to the family, we wish them well for their holidays and we welcome new starters.

Monday’s interactions start with ‘how was your weekend?’ and Fridays close with ‘have a fabulous weekend’.

Work Family

These conversations, virtual or in person, happen over our business tools or on business premises, and between real people – not work robots. The relationships built are real. We sometimes speak with colleagues more than we do friends or family!

The people we work with are not just colleagues or peers or managers. They are our work family – which comes with personality clashes and also with deep friendships. Some may be close, but many don’t mix their personal social channels with work colleagues.

The tools that we use to collaborate and communicate are not just work tools. When an incident occurs, Circuit notifications pop up at the weekend or evening: ‘Are you ok?’

1001 Uses for Circuit: #872. Checking that your work family is safe.

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Dear People who try to get anything done working from home.

When I entered the workforce, the job market was tight. I sent out a lot of resumes, but there wasn’t a market for my skill set. That skill set consisted of…come to think of it, I had no skill set, other than…nope, that’s not a skill. Son of a gun, how did I ever get a job in the first place? As I turned out, my brother got me a job pulling cable for a company that installed and repaired business telephone systems and I have been in telecommunications ever since.

This career has been fascinating, well maybe not fascinating, but it has certainly held my interest for a good percentage of the time. And what has been interesting is seeing how differently people work since I started. For example, people once scoffed at the idea of leaving a voicemail message, rather than having a “secretary” take a message on a pre-printed pink pad. Then    voicemail became commonplace; now it is passé. I think it’s because people hated hearing the sound of their own voice on voicemail. They prefer the way their voice sounds in their heads when they type or text and figured that was a better option. Someday we’ll be sending messages telepathically and we’ll be able to choose the voice with which it is delivered. My default voice will be Jerry Lewis as the Nutty Professor. That should cut down on the return traffic.

If you’ve read this far you’re asking yourself, “Does this guy have a point?” That’s a good question. I think there are lots of people adjusting to a work world that is changing so quickly that the change in how you work is creating as much stress as the work itself. We’ll offer some relief from that stress and from time to time discuss technology and suggestions based on my experience as a provider and user of telecommunications technology. While I work for a provider of these solutions (Unify), there will be no commercials or sales pitches, not even a subliminal advertisement. I will post these little nuggets here and elsewhere and ask that you let me know if I’m nuts, wait, no, my family has that that piece covered like a tent. Maybe just let me know if I am off-base or if you have observations and opinions as well.


Peter Greco

Peter is married with 3 children and published his first book in 2012.  Peter has been with Unify for over 20 years, currently as Vice President – Inside Sales and Sales Support for North America.

Peter Greco

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I’m back!  I know I know.. I haven’t taken virtual pen to paper and blogged for some time, but I have been busy!  There is this small event coming up called ‘UPC2017’.

By small, I am under exaggerating wildly. This event is exciting, and I have the privilege of helping to create it.

Want to know more? Take a quick (20 seconds or so) sneaky peak here:


Intrigued? You can discover more by having a chat with your CAM.

The Unify Partner Conference 2017 is in Monte Carlo, in July. Two years ago, we told our Partners where we had come from. One year ago we told them how far we had come since.  This year, well this year – it is time to Advance and to choose YOUR next move as a Unify Partner.  Whether it be in the Cloud or feet firmly on the floor – Unify is here to support and guide our Partners through the next stage of your technological journey – at your pace.


So .. what ELSE will we see in Monaco? How about the Global Partner Awards 2017? Five categories, one results based and the other four by nominations from our Partners and Unify staff. You can take a look at the criteria and nominate here.

Oh, and our Technology Partners will be on hand, available to talk to our guests about opportunities to add further value to your customers.  Media 5, ASC & Private ptm-Akademie GmbH are on site throughout the event so please drop by!

Anything else? Surely not! Although… we *actually* have  an exclusive launch preview at the event. This is the event that just keeps giving!  Not only is there the exclusive launch – but the enablement piece – so you can take this solution to market straight away.


Of course that isn’t it, but I couldn’t possibly share all with you. Not yet anyway…



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